A lot has to be said and we are sure it still won't get you any close to how it actually feels, but let's just try. Just like cooking food, you have to add up everything to it. Efforts, hard work, confidence, a stable state of mind to focus on your goal and a desire to be on the top. Cut loose one of these and you will not enjoy the taste.

So, what is trekking?

   That mixed combination of adventures that make you think 10 times before you try it but also hungry to achieve, For the thrill never ends to a single place and we keep striving to several places
 until we have our wish list filled and still things are coming up on it.
     Our trek guides have been to a single place many-a-times but our first time together as a group is something worth a share. It wasn't exactly the best trekkers group, everyone was a novice. But the vibe that our guides shared made us confident that this is the easiest trek to be (It was kalavantin durg) held in the list of trekking near Mumbai. Obviously, we were novice, so that was a lie for us. But the fun along the way, the evening sky shades, those snacks we had and that dinner after all the efforts we took to reach the peak was the yummiest ever and bonfire and a lot of it.

Things to learn...
     Best part of trekking was the team we had and the leader matters the most in any sort of team work. This was no team work though but it surely needed motivation to a novice to make him think it's easy. Nothing as such happened with us. For us it was just wondering that how quick we need a halt so we can rest. Surely our guide kept us motivated and we made it in like 4-5 halts. That sounds too much but trust us its good for a novice. We learnt that having a goal in life is not the only motive you can live with but the efforts you make to achieve it is living, it doesn't matters if you achieved it or not, you gave your best matters the most. It's not a single stick that cant be broken but a bundle of sticks would make that real real hard. So having a group makes that importance in your life. You may have 1000 friends on Facebook but the one who accompanied in the stupidest and weirdest dreams are your actual friend.

Now, Why trekking?

     It's good to have one addiction in your life. Why not let it be something that's challenging and makes you good then something that makes you go to bed without efforts. End of the day both take you to bed. One just because you can't handle your head and other because you are tired and that sleep means everything to you. That sleep my friend, is worth 1000$. Coming to the point. Let's count weekdays. Bad idea right? You spend 5 days in office all irritated to your boss and stressed up in the city pollution. Why not spend the rest two days away from them. Get to the nature, do a bit of exercise and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the sky? And the best part you have your friends along. If not? We can make new here and a lot of them.If your still not convinced with this you might as well check this site for some amazing treks.



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